The 5 Best Self Defense Moves-Protecting Yourself Against An Attack

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you felt uncertain or afraid about your physical safety? There are 5 self defense techniques that everyone needs to know how to execute and knowing how to perform these moves will give you added protection in case of an attack. These techniques are very simple to perform and anyone can be successful with these techniques, no matter your gender or body type. As we go through each technique, you will become more knowledgeable about defending yourself in a crisis situation. It is time to take your own personal safety seriously. Are you ready to learn how? Let’s get started learning these 5 simple techniques that I have found very effective and helpful for me and I am sure they will be helpful for you too!

Fingertip Strike Punch

The first technique we are going to learn is the Fingertip Strike Punch. The Fingertip Strike Punch is a jabbing motion with your hand designed to distract your assailant, while giving you an opportunity for your next move or to escape if possible. When being approached by a would be attacker, the first thing to do is to step back from the attacker and create some space between you and the attacker. At that moment, take your hand and do a quick jabbing motion with your fingertips toward the attacker’s face at a 90 degree angle. This is a distraction to the assailant and can give you an opportunity to pepper spray the assailant, to yell fire for help or to flee to safety. This technique is very simple to execute and can give you some time to escape your attacker. As the assailant reacts to your jabbing motion, you can quickly execute your next move.

Front Kick To Groin

Our next self defense technique is the Front Kick to the Groin area move. This move is best executed quickly after the Fingertip Strike Punch move. The Front Kick to the Groin move is a quick upward kick to the groin area of the offender with the tip of your shoe or boot. This quick, swift kick gets the attacker off balance and allows you even more time to spray a mist of pepper spray at the attacker’s eyes and face, yell fire for help or run quickly to escape the attack. It is best to keep yourself moving after this kick if possible. This move can also work on multiple assailants as you can move yourself at different angles very quickly. This method lets the attacker know that you are willing to defend yourself.Self Defense Techniques To Keep You Safe

Hand Claw To Face

The next self defense move is the Hand Claw to the face. When the attacker tries to charge at you to get closer to you, cup your hand and fingers to make a claw out of your hand and strike the assailant in the face pushing their head backwards. After this blow, keep yourself moving always, especially, if you have multiple attackers because, this will enable you to execute the first 3 moves on each assailant very quickly. At all times look for a way to flee and get help if you can. All of these techniques are designed to work together and give you time to escape the attack because the assailant is reacting to each move to try to defend him or herself.Self Defense Techniques To Keep You Safe

Edge of Hand/Heel of Hand Strike

The Edge of Hand and Heel of Hand Strike move is a very popular technique, because this part of your hand is the strongest and most durable and you are less likely to injure your hand as a result, unlike when you hit someone with your fist. In this move, you are actually taking ground against your attacker by hacking straight out and across the attacker’s face, neck and body. The reason you are taking ground is that you are stomping the ground and moving at the same time as you are hacking straight and across the assailant’s body or head using the edge of your hand or the heel of your hand. This can prove to be a very painful strike to your attacker because the neck and face can be very vulnerable areas of the body and you are hacking with the hard part of your hand.

Elbow Strike Upward

The last move is the Elbow Strike Upward technique. In this move, you will swing your elbow upward toward the attacker’s chin, face, nose or any part of their head. This move can be executed from in front of you, on the side of you or from behind you and you can stand in any position to perform this technique. A couple of things to always remember, is to keep moving and stomp your feet as you are defending yourself and always take advantage of any opportunity to escape the attack. The advantage of using this technique is even if the attacker tries to bear hug you, they will have a difficult time trying to hold onto you, because of the elbow strike to their head. It is also helpful to swing both elbows upward and side to side to create space and move the assailant or assailants away from you. The Elbow Srike Upward technique and swinging both elbows upward and side to side can be followed up with the Edge of Hand and the Heel of Hand technique we learned previously. The combination of both of these moves used together can send the assailant or assailants scrambling and can allow you time to use your pepper spray, yell fire for help or escape the attack.Self Defense Techniques To Keep You Safe

Effective Self Defense Techniques

The 5 best self defense moves can be very effective in keeping you and your family members safe should the need to use these techniques ever arise. These 5 best self defense techniques are very important moves that everyone needs to be able to execute at a moments notice. The more familiar you become with each technique and the more you practice them, the more comfortable you will be at performing each move with confidence. The main goal is to know how to keep yourself and your family safe from anyone who would try to attack you. Are you ready to take the next step to learn how to keep you and your family safe?





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